Chapter History

Naming the Caloosahatchee Chapter, NSDAR,
Its Founding and Some Highlights

The Caloosahatchee Chapter, NSDAR, was organized February 22, 1927, with 21 members, and proudly recognizes Mina Edison (Mrs. Thomas Edison), who was an associate member. The chapter was named after the river of the Caloosa Indians. At one time, the lush valley in southwest Florida was home to the Caloosa Indians. The river’s waters were filled with fish and the Caloosa’s canoes gave them access to inland Florida as far east as Lake Okeechobee. The Caloosa were also called the “Shell People,” using shells for tools and the foundations of their settlements. Some notable accomplishments of the Caloosahatchee Chapter, NSDAR, include:

  • The members of the Caloosahatchee Chapter, NSDAR, were instrumental in placing a marker in the Telegraph Building in Punta Rassa, recognizing the location where the news was first received of the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine Battleship .
  • Six books on “Burial at Ten Cemeteries in Lee County” have been published and a historical marker was erected at the Frierson-Alderman Cemetery, the oldest in Lee County.
  • A plaque recognizing Seminole Indian Chief Billy Bowlegs was installed on Palm Beach Boulevard, at Billy’s Creek.
  • An annual scholarship was given for several years to history students at Edison Community College. In 2002, funds were donated to Florida Gulf Coast University to establish an endowed scholarship for non-traditional students studying American history.
  • The chapter celebrated its 90th Anniversary February 11, 2017.  Many other DAR chapters in the area joined in the celebration, as well as the Light Horse Harry Lee Color Guard of the Caloosa Sons of the American Revolution (SAR).
  • On Arbor Day a tree was planted, with a DAR marker on the grounds of the Thomas A. Edison Estate in honor of our associate member Mina Edison.

Charter Members

E. Dixie Beggs
Mrs. Jim C. Clements
Mrs. M. M. Clements
Mrs. C. M. Edwards
Mrs. Herbert T. Edwards
Mrs. George Fox
Eloise Foxworthy, (Mrs. Lewis Barber)
Mrs. Harvie E. Heitman
Lorraine Heitman, (Mrs. Ray Blownstine)
Margaret Henderson, (Mrs. M. H. Norris)
Joy Belle Hess
Mrs. Robert Leak
Mrs. Charles Martin
Mrs. J. W. Owens
Janet Owens
Mrs. Candler Power
Kate C. Roberts
Sara C. Swaney
Mrs. Fred Titgen
Mrs. Dean Turner
Mrs. Al C. Willliams

Annette Mae Hall Williams
              Florida Heitman
Mina Edison


Punta Rassa Tablet 1929